Finding The Best Collision Repair Shop For Your Windshield


If your windshield has cracked, then you may have a number of different repair shops in your area to choose from. Here are some considerations for finding the best collision repair service for your windshield. Repair Expertise If you have just a small crack in your windshield, it may be easy to simply repair the crack using a strong industrial adhesive and a sanding machine to smooth the edges. If you are on a budget, then a fix like this can be crucial.

3 March 2016

4 Ways to Avoid Cracking Your Car's Windshield


When a crack forms in your windshield, not only is it a safety hazard to have your field of vision obstructed, but you can receive a ticket for it as well. These tips will help you avoid getting a crack in your windshield. Avoid Rapid Temperature Changes Even though your car's windshield is able to withstand extremely hot and cold temperatures, rapidly changing from one to the other can cause your windshield to crack.

11 November 2015

6 Important Things To Add To Your Vehicle's Summer Maintenance Check List


As a car owner, regular maintenance repairs must be done to keep your car running smoothly. One of the best times of the year to make some maintenance repairs is during the summer. This is because weather changes can make a significant impact on how well your vehicle performs. Here are some of the top things to add to your summer maintenance checklist for your vehicle: Flush the Radiator: Coolant in the radiator will need to be replaced.

30 July 2014