How To Care For The Leather In Your Car


Taking care of your vehicle is important to help it retain value and keep it working well. Most people wash their car or truck regularly and forget about some of the other maintenance they should be doing. Leather seats are a big upgrade in a vehicle's interior and are a sought after feature people prefer. Taking care of your seats can help them hold their structure and avoid things like rips and stains. Here are three ways you can help care for the leather in your car and signs it might be time for leather interior repair with a professional.


Sun damage is a huge factor in how the leather wears in your car or truck. If you live in an area with lots of hot weather and sun, you need a sunshade. Putting the lightweight shade up before you leave the vehicle is a great way to shield the seats from extra sun exposure. It also makes getting into a hot car more enjoyable because the leather surface isn't too hot to the touch.

Did you know that storing things in your back pants pocket is one of the most common ways leather is damaged in the car? If you sit down in a leather seat and have things like tools or keys in a pocket, you might unknowingly be stretching, cutting, or puncturing the leather surface. Getting in the habit of emptying pockets before you take a seat is an easy thing you can do to prevent damage.


Conditioning your leather seats is a great way to keep things looking their best. Leather is a material that is great for seats because its natural fibers are flexible. Over time, leather can dry out and lose some of that movement. This leads to ripping, the surface wears down, and loss of sheen or color. You can use a leather conditioner to help restore that moisture and balance. Leather seats will fare best when you do this type of treatment from the very beginning of the life of the vehicle. 

Leather Repair

Sometimes your leather needs more care than you can provide from home. Finding a custom auto leather repair shop is a great way to get your vehicle the attention it needs. Leather repair shops can replace the leather coverings completely or stitch and patch your seats. They have stain removal solutions for tough leather stains and other ways to restore your leather. If you need help fixing the leather, find a local professional who can take a look and let you know your options.

Taking some time and learn how to care for the leather in your car. With a few products and some time, you can get it looking great!  


22 September 2020

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