Is It A Good Idea To Use A Rental Car Company Located At A Repair Shop?


As insurance companies and collision repair shops try to make the car repair process easier for you, they have started condensing and combining many services and procedures to reduce the amount of paperwork and streamline the whole experience. One relatively recent development is the appearance of a rental-car company outpost on or next to the repair shop. Like direct repair shop agreements (where the insurance company and specific shops have a faster repair/payment pipeline by agreement), this is meant to make things easier for you. But does it really work out that way?

Well-Known Rental Chains 

First, some of these rental car outposts are actually from well-known rental companies. In other words, you're not looking at a fly-by-night operation with little background; you can rent a car from a major rental car company without having to wait for someone to pick you up and take you to the rental place. You'll know what the company's track record is and if they're considered a good place to rent from right off the bat.

More Convenient for You

If you're going to rent a car while your car is undergoing repair, what could be more convenient than having a rental company onsite? Otherwise, you'd have to wait for someone from a rental company to pick you up (or have someone from the repair shop drive you over). You would save time by renting from that company.

Plus, it's possible that your insurance company could have a reimbursement deal with the rental company that's like the direct repair agreement for repair shops. This isn't quite that common, but it's worth asking about, especially if there is a direct repair agreement in place with the shop that you're at. In other words, check to see if you pay the rental car company and your insurance pays you back, or if the insurance company will pay the rental car company directly.

Cost Comparisons

One caveat is cost. The rental car company onsite could have a good reputation and be very convenient, but maybe your preferred rental company is a different one with lower prices. Always ask about all of the costs involved. It could turn out that going off-site is a better choice for you.

If you're in need of a rental while the repair shop fixes your car after an accident, an onsite outpost of a rental company can be very helpful. Just be sure that you are familiar with the shop's reputation and check out all costs.


17 March 2019

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