Auto Body Paint Repair Questions And Answers


Damage to the exterior paint of your vehicle can be an extremely noticeable issue for the vehicle to encounter. Furthermore, it can also pose a risk as it may increase the risk of the car suffering secondary problems. Yet, a car owner may not always be informed enough to be able to effectively oversee repairs for automotive paint issues.

What Are The Most Likely Causes Of Damage To A Car's Paint?

Car owners will often fail to appreciate the full range of threats to the exterior paint of their vehicles. In addition to the risk of scratches and chips occurring due to debris or other minor collisions, tree sap and bird droppings can also pose significant threats to the exterior paint. Over time, these substances can severely degrade the condition of the paint if they are allowed to remain in contact with the paint. This is one of the main reasons why it can be heavily encouraged for individuals to wash the exterior of their vehicle every few weeks so that these materials can be removed before the paint will suffer problems.

Can You Match The Current Color Of The Car's Paint?

When damage does occur to a car's exterior paint, the owner may be worried that having it patched will result in a noticeable spot due to the replacement patch failing to match the rest of the paint. However, professional car body repair services will be able to perfectly match the rest of the car's exterior paint when they are patching chips or scratches in the exterior paint. Unfortunately, this can be far more difficult if the repair has been delayed as it can increase the risk of the surrounding paint suffering discoloration or fading.

Will It Take Several Days For A Newly Painted Car To Dry?

Individuals will often associate paint with needing long periods to fully dry. This can lead to concerns for individuals that can not be without their vehicles for long periods of time. Fortunately, car body repair centers will usually be equipped with rapid drying systems for auto body paint. These systems will be able to heat the exterior of the automobile so that the fresh paint will fully dry and cure as rapidly as possible. In most cases, these systems will be able to dry the exterior paint of the vehicle in under an hour. This can greatly reduce the disruption that a car owner experiences from needing to have their car's paint patched or completely replaced. 


16 April 2020

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