4 Main Challenges You Can Avoid By Seeking Windshield Replacement On Time


Your auto glass protects you against blowing wind, hail storms, flying debris, and the sun's UV rays. Unfortunately, it is usually one of the first structures to encounter impact from external elements and, therefore, more likely to get damaged during a collision. The damages on your windshield might not seem severe, but they affect you and other road users in numerous ways. You might want to get a windshield replacement to avoid the following dangers.

1. Obstructed Views

Minor cracks slowly spread during driving due to vibrations, affecting your line of vision. When you can't see the road clearly due to damage on your windshield, you risk running into an object on the road or colliding with another vehicle.

Cracks reflect light, which causes flickers and glares that can affect your vision and impair your judgment. Even if the damage isn't in line with your line of vision, it can create major blind spots, putting you in danger.

2. Botched Airbag Distribution

Airbags are designed to deploy within a few milliseconds in a car crash. You rely on proper airbag positioning to protect yourself against severe injuries during a crash. Generally, the airbags depend on the windshield's stability in order to blow outwards and protect you.

If a windshield is damaged, its integrity weakens. During a crash, the airbag will deploy but shatter the auto glass, failing to expand in the right direction. Therefore, it might not give you the protection you need, and you could get severely injured in the ordeal. It would help to replace your windshield to ensure proper airbag deployment.

3. Compromised Structural Integrity

Your windshield connects your roof to your hood. It might not seem like an important structure, but your vehicle's roof depends on its strength and stability to protect you. During a rollover, the damaged auto glass might not withstand impact, forcing the roof to cave in and cause severe injuries. Consider getting it replaced to restore structural integrity to your roof.

4. Risk of Being Thrown Out During a Crash

All motorists should wear seat belts to protect themselves against ejection during a collision. Your auto glass also acts as a block to protect you from being thrown out of the vehicle. However, a damaged windshield will quickly crumble under the forceful impact and is thus not likely to shield you from being thrown out of the car. Therefore, you need auto glass replacement to keep yourself safe.

Don't delay auto glass replacement when you have chips, cracks, or white discolorations on your windshield. The risks of driving around with a damaged windshield may be far more severe than the money you would need to replace the auto glass.

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23 June 2022

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