4 Mistakes To Avoid When Designing A Custom Car Wrap


If you own a small business, one great way to advertise your business is via a custom car wrap. With a custom car wrap, you can add business information to your vehicle, allowing you to advertise as you drive and allowing you to enjoy a tax write-off for each mile you spend on the road.

Mistake #1: Using Small Text

On a vinyl wrap, you want to put information that is easy to read when you are on the go or when your vehicle is parked. People will generally be looking at your vehicle from a distance, which is why you are going to want to ensure that you use text that is big enough to read at a distance.

Avoid using fine print on your wrap; that information is not going to be received or noticed by most people looking at your warp. Instead, keep the letters large enough to be read at a distance and keep the message simple enough to be read quickly.

Mistake #2: Using Hard to Read Fonts

Second, when choosing a font, you want to choose one that will be easy to read at a distance. You don't want to choose a font that is hard to read or requires extra concentration to read. When in doubt, ask a few different people to read the font. If anyone struggles to read it, go with a more straightforward style of font that is easier to read. A car wrap is not the place to get fancy with your font choices.

Mistake #3: Keeping Things Too Busy

Third, with a car wrap you are going to have a lot of space to use. However, that doesn't mean that you should use all of that space. When designing your wrap, avoid adding too much. Don't add a lot of text; stick to a simple message. Don't use eight different colors; stick to a color scheme of two or three colors that complement one another. Avoid loud or overlapping patterns; stick to patterns that are simpler on the eyes.

Mistake #4: Not Thinking About the Vehicle Shape

Fourth, when you design a vehicle wrap, you need to think about the vehicle's shape and where words and images will sit on the vehicle. You need to think about the overall flow of the vehicle. You may need to resize and move things around to get the design to work well with your vehicle.

When creating a custom warp for your business to put on your vehicle, don't use small text, stick to readable font, avoid a busy design, and be sure to consider the shape of your car as you work on your design. For more information about custom car wraps, contact a vehicle wrapping company in your area.


27 September 2021

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