3 Of The Most Common Reasons For Windshield Scratches And How To Avoid Them


When most people think about damage to their auto glass, they envision large cracks, small dings, or other unsightly blemishes. However, just like any other glass, your car windshield glass can sustain scratches. While scratches may not be as worrisome as a crack or as unsightly as a ding, they can definitely be a nuisance and get in the way of clear visuals through the glass. But how does the auto glass get scratched in the first place and how do you avoid it? Here is a look at some of the most common causes for windshield scratches and how to avoid them. 

Scratches Caused by Windshield Wipers 

Have you ever heard the telltale screech-screech of bad windshield wiper blades? This awful sound is more than just annoying; it means that your windshield wiper blades are losing their soft rubber texture. When this occurs, it can definitely cause scratches and scuffs on the surface of the glass, especially if the wiper blades are especially rigid from age and deterioration. Just like everything else on your vehicle, your wiper blades should be checked regularly for signs of deterioration, and then replaced if there are even slight signs of rigidness. 

Scratches Caused by Tree Branches

If the roads you frequently travel have tree limbs that reach down into the roadway and brush your car as it goes by, it could very well lead to scratches on your windshield. While you can't logically run around trimming tree limbs in places where you usually travel, what you can do is try to avoid these places as much as possible. Do keep in mind also that if the scratches are caused by trees on someone else's property, even if it is city property, you probably will be able to get auto glass repairs paid for by their insurance coverage if you file a claim. 

Scratches Caused by Improper Cleaning Methods

It is completely possible to cause scratches on the window glass even when you are trying to make your car look better. Improper cleaning techniques can scratch a windshield's surface. for example, if you are using an abrasive scrub brush to slough away tough grit, it could leave behind scratches, or if you are going through and automatic car wash and the spinning cleaners have something hard on them, you could get scratches on your windshield. Cleaning your windshield should be a gentle thing, so be careful how you do so. 

Contact an auto glass repair shop for help fixing any scratches on your windshield.


12 February 2018

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