5 Reasons To Get Your Truck Windshield Repaired


Have you noticed a ding or crack in your truck's windshield? If so, you shouldn't wait to have the damage repaired or the windshield replaced. A damaged windshield could cause you a lot of problems and even compromises your safety during an accident. If you still don't think getting your windshield repaired is important, check out these five reasons you must do it now.

The Glass Stays Together

The widows in your home aren't the strongest material, but that is not the same type of glass used for your windshield. If your windshield was made of normal glass, during an accident, shards of glass could fly at you. To prevent this, a windshield is actually made with a sheet of resin sandwiched between two layers of tempered glass. This way, if the glass is broken during an accident, it remains in one piece, so shards don't fly at you. It also helps stop people from being tossed through the windshield in an accident.

Regained Structural Strength

Another reason the windshield is important is that it adds structural strength to your truck. If you get into an accident and the truck rolls, the weight of the truck could cause the truck to smash, making it even more dangerous for you. An intact windshield helps prevent this from happening by adding strength. Even a small ding or crack in your windshield, however, could compromise this security by damaging the resin between the sheets.

You May Be Breaking the Law

Just about every driver has experience the annoyance of having something in your line of vision. Typically, this area consists of everywhere the wipers touch. If this area isn't clean, it makes it hard to see. If you have a crack or ding within this area, it could also affect your sight, making it more likely for you to get into an accident or hit something. Depending on where you live, because a crack or ding in this area could impact your vision, it may be illegal to drive with a damaged windshield. If the area is outside of the line of vision, it is probably not illegal, but it is still a good idea to get it fixed.

A Repair May Be Possible

If your windshield is completely damaged, you'll likely need a total windshield replacement. However, for smaller damage, a repair may be possible. Typically, a chip shouldn't be more than one inch wide and a crack no more than three inches long to be repaired instead of replaced. Anything larger may not be prepared properly, so your windshield may still fail unless you get it replaced. It's also important to consider the location of the damage. Melting the glass and resin and forming them back together can cause a small warped spot, which could affect vision.

You May Not Need to Pay Out of Pocket

A windshield replacement costs between $100 and $400, while a repair costs $10 to $150. Most likely, your auto insurance deductible is higher than that. Therefore, you may have to pay for your windshield repair or replacement on your own. Make sure to talk with your insurance carrier, however. In some states, the auto insurance must waive the deductible to repair or replace a damaged windshield. A good auto mechanic should be able to tell you if your insurance is likely to pay.

If your truck has a damaged windshield, you should not wait a moment longer. You may be breaking the law, and you are definitely risking your safety. For more information regarding truck repair services and window replacement, contact a truck mechanic, like one from Downtown Garage & Auto Body, in your area today. 


14 November 2017

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