What Does Your Car Color Say About You?


Among many of the statements your vehicle will make, the color is one that's easy to control. Aside from upgrading the vehicle, choosing the right color (or changing to the right color) makes a big difference in the personality of your vehicle. Here are some car colors and what they can mean to you and onlookers.


Blue is certainly one of the most popular car colors, which can make it a bit of a neutral statement. It's a color that looks great on a vehicle, and it can convey a sense of reliability and calm.


Red is often seen as the attention-seeking color of vehicles. But a red car doesn't necessarily have to be flashy. If you want something a bit more muted and subtle but still love the color red, you might try for a burgundy car instead.


Green cars are attractive and earthy. If you own a green car, it can say a lot about your traditional values. These are some of the more muted cars on the road, so they don't draw attention from police officers or other passersby. They can speak to someone who is stable and comfortable in life.

Orange, Pink, or Another Unusual Color

Unusual car colors are certainly fun to spot on the road. A person who chooses an unusual car color may be thought to be a trendsetter or a person who values novelty. Keep in mind that some of these car colors might be harder to resell. The traditional car colors, such as silver, red, and blue, are the ones that many people are used to and will be looking for in their next vehicle. But, your perfect buyer will still love the car color you picked out and may even be willing to pay more for such a unique car. It will just be a smaller pool of interest.

What car color would you pick? Should you change the color of a car that doesn't suit your personality? That all depends on how much more time you have with the car. A few thousand dollars for a paint job could be well worth it, since it completely changes the look of the car. Be careful to pay attention to how your car color will look with the interiors; will you have to change them both? And does the outside of the car matter more to you than changing the interiors to be more comfortable or attractive? Let your auto body repair shop such as High Point Body & Paint help you out with decision making and options if you are thinking about changing the appearance of your car.


27 July 2017

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