3 Insider Tips For Effectively Painting Your Vehicle


If you want to repaint your vehicle on your own, here are a few insider tips that will help ensure that your paint job looks smooth and professional.

#1 Tape Over Everything

Don't skimp out on the tape. When you use spray paint on your vehicle, the spray can carry really far, which is why you need to effectively tape and cover up the parts of your vehicle that you don't want to get paint on. This will take a little bit of time to do, but it is worth it. It will make your paint job look smoother and more professional, and you will not have to spend time removing paint from your windows and trim when you are done painting.

Use painter's tape specifically designed for cars, as well as newspaper, to cover up the trim and windows on your vehicle. You are also going to want to cover up the lights on your vehicle as well, along with any vents and specialized parts, such as the muffler.

#2 Be Prepared For Runny Paint

Ideally, the paint that you purchase will work perfectly and will not run at all. You don't want it to look like you have wet paint dripping down the side of your vehicle forever. This looks unprofessional and will not create the clean and polished look that you are trying to achieve.

However, if this isn't the case, in order to deal with any runny paint drips as soon as they happen, you are going to want to purchase a nip file. A nip file is a tiny tool that you can hold with a couple of fingers; however, it can be a powerful tool to keep on hand. You can use this tool to very quickly and easily etch away any paint drips that occur while you are painting your vehicle and get back to work. This is a lot quicker than having to sand, re-prime and repaint areas where paint drips.

#3 Keep Dust Down

You don't want dust and lint to get caught up on your new paint job. These can compromise the integrity and quality of your new paint job. To keep dust and lint away from your vehicle, spray some water on the ground around your vehicle. This will help keep dust from getting stirred up while you work and landing on your vehicle.

You may also want to hang a chain with a magne that extends down to the ground. This is a trick that many auto body painters use; when you have a magnet extend down to the floor, lint seems to be attracted to the floor and the magnet instead of your car.

Neither of these methods are fool proof, but they should help keep the dust and lint off your vehicle. Also, just keeping your work area really clean should help cut down on dust and lint getting into your paint job.

Incorporate the three tips above with your other paint directions to help you achieve a stunning paint job with as few flaws as possible. If you still have questions or decide you don't want to do the job yourself, contact a local auto body repair shop. 


15 May 2017

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