Several Hail Damage Myths Dispelled


There are numerous types of body damage that your car will be susceptible to suffering. While many of these damages will be the result of accidents, it is also possible for strong storms and other events to contribute to these damages. Hail is a commonly encountered phenomenon that can cause substantial damages to cars, and many individuals are poorly informed when it concerns this type of body damage.

Myth: Hail Damage Is A Minor Cosmetic Problem For Cars

It is often assumed by individuals that hail damage will only be a cosmetic problem for the vehicle. Unfortunately, it is possible for hail damage to pose a serious threat to the structural integrity of the vehicle if it is not repaired promptly. This is due to the fact that the dents from hail stones can weaken the protection that is offered by the exterior paint, which can cause extensive corrosion to develop. As the rust spreads, it can substantially weaken the body of the car, which can compromise its performance and the safety of those in the vehicle.

Myth: Using Body Filler Is The Only Option For Repairing Hail Damage

It is often assumed that body filler is the only repair option that can be used to address hail damage. While body filler is a viable solution for these repairs, it can be somewhat time-consuming and expensive to do. Luckily, hail dents are often relatively shallow, and this makes it possible to use paintless dent repair to correct the damage. When this body repair option is used, suction devices will be used to gently pull the dents out of the metal so that the appearance of the car is restored. In situations where the damage was caused by particularly large hail, paintless dent repair may not be viable, but an experienced auto body repair technician will be able to quickly inspect the damage to determine whether this option will be suitable for your vehicle.

Myth: Repaired Hail Damage Will Have Intense Maintenance Needs

When paintless dent repair is not a viable option for repairing the vehicle, some drivers will be concerned about needing to perform additional maintenance on their vehicles. Fortunately, this is not the case as both body filler and paintless dent repair will not substantially change the long-term care needs for the vehicle. When body filler is used or paint patched, keeping the exterior of the vehicle clean may become slightly more important during the first few weeks following the repairs as this will help to protect the paint while it is curing. 


28 April 2017

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