4 Ways to Avoid Cracking Your Car's Windshield


When a crack forms in your windshield, not only is it a safety hazard to have your field of vision obstructed, but you can receive a ticket for it as well. These tips will help you avoid getting a crack in your windshield.

Avoid Rapid Temperature Changes

Even though your car's windshield is able to withstand extremely hot and cold temperatures, rapidly changing from one to the other can cause your windshield to crack.

This can happen if your car is outside in the winter with a layer of ice that has formed on the glass. You windshield wipers may be stuck, or perhaps you simply don't want to chip away at the ice, so you pour very hot water onto the glass to melt the ice. This can cause damage instead of being a convenience when it causes a crack to form.

Avoid Potholes and Speed Bumps

While surely you will never intentionally drive into a pothole, the sudden impact on your car from doing so can be what causes a crack to form. If you have an existing chip in your windshield, the chip can easily become a crack if you hit the pothole at a high enough speed.

The same can be said of speed bumps, since going over them fast will cause a sudden jerk to your car that will cause the windshield to vibrate.

Do Not Ignore Chips

When windshield damage is at the initial stage, it will start out as a small chip. Do not ignore the chip because the damage is small and does not obscure your vision. There are home repair kits that will help fill these small chips and stop damage from spreading. It involves placing a suction cup mount directly above the chip and applying a resin that will fill the chip and make the windshield surface smooth.

Do Not Slam Your Car Doors

Much like the vibrations that can happen from hitting a pothole or speed bump, slamming your car doors can affect your windshield in the exact same way. If you take the precaution to be gentle when closing the door, you could prevent damage from getting bigger.

These are just a few ways that you can prevent windshield damage from happening. If you do have an unsightly crack that needs fixing, do not delay to bring your car to a local auto repair shop like Boyd Autobody & Glass. They can get your windshield fixed and have you back on the road quickly.


11 November 2015

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